The 40 year old Community of the Moulin Roty

In 1972, following the 1968 social upheavals in France, a group of about thirty university students from Nantes, southern Britany region, decided to escape from urban life, capitalism and the consumerist way of life, in order to try to create a new way of life, based on sharing and living from the fruits of one’s labor.

In the countryside, they came across a run-down windmill and farmhouse in an abandoned hamlet called “Moulin Roty” (literally “Roasted Windmill”), here they settled an autonomous Community.

After several years of experimenting in farming, raising pigs, chickens and rabbits, the Community started hand-crafting wood & textile toys. Thereafter, through hard work, outlandish designs and consistently reputable quality, Moulin Roty built a following of aficionados and a reputation in France, growing into a leading brand in stylish children items and gifts, renowned for the quality of its products and the stylishness of its French designs and fabrics.

Moulin Roty is considered a French icon of ethical social business, staying true to its original core values:

- Prioritize human happiness rather than profits

- Make robust and safe products that last and make parents dream & children smile

- Treat employees, customers and suppliers with respect.

The company is structured as a workers' cooperative company (SCOP) where every employee is an equal stakeholder, profits are shared and the CEO is elected by the employees.

Today, the 40 year-old story continues, as Moulin Roty expands outside of France as a reputable brand in high quality baby & children items, with over 1,000 references sold in 2,500 quality stores worldwide, so parents and children around the world may discover and appreciate their wonderful soft stories.