Janod Chunky Fruits and Veg Set

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Janod Chunky Fruits and Veg Set lets you prepare some delicious snacks for visitors of your play kitchen. This adorable set of fruits and vegetables comes on a solid wood cutting board. Designed in France, it includes a knife, tomato, banana, pear, lemon, apple, carrot and mushroom, all made from high quality wood that has been artfully painted. Each vegetable, aside from the mushroom, can be cut in half using the wooden knife provided. The pieces have magnets embedded inside of them so they stay connected until cut apart. When your child has finished preparing their food, simply flip the cutting board over and they'll have a wonderful red checkered picnic style area to serve their food from.

The Janod Chunky Fruits and Veg Set Features:

  • Wooden play cutting board with play fruits and vegetables
  • Magnetic food can be cut with play knife
  • All pieces constructed from wood
  • Includes a wooden cutting board, knife and mushroom plus magnetic sliceable apple, lemon, pear, banana, tomato and carrot
  • Recommended for children 2 years of age and older

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