Moulin Roty Les Popipop Rainbow Board Game 26x26x3cm

  Recommended Age: 3 years+

Ideal for learning colors and stimulating your memory, this Moulin Roty color scheme combines concentration and analytical spirit. From 3 years old, your child will have fun to reconstruct the rainbow before having drawn 5 clouds. This game consists of a board, 14 colored pawns and 5 cloud pawns, 7 rainbow rays, 5 clouds and a cloth bag. Your little one will learn to recognize the colors of the world around him and will stimulate his motor skills by manipulating the different pieces. Two rules of the game make it possible to work the memory of your child by resuming the bases of the memory or leave random place by drawing blindly the pieces in the bag. This educational game suitable for the little ones can be taken everywhere to play with family up to 4. Original gift idea for a birthday.

Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 3 cm

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