Moulin Roty Les Schmouks Mouni Soft Toy 50cm

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Moulin Roty Les Schmouks
Plok, Choukette, Boubou, Mouni and Pidou...
Hold onto your hats - here come the Schmouks!

As the illustrator and author of the 'Gouniche' character and the adventures of the 'Flops', Delphine Durand has teamed up with Moulin Roty to create a quirky collection of colourful characters: Les Schmouks.

Six months of sketches, discussion, stitching and seeking out the right furry fabrics have led to the birth of these brightly coloured friends, with interesting textures and big round eyes. Sporting shaggy hair, spotty fur and electric blue manes, they stand out from the crowd with their eccentric style that's somewhere between crazy rocker and new wave supermodel!Their huge smiles, disproportionate bodies and crazy fur make them a truly appealing bunch that children of all ages will love!

With their flexible arms and legs in all shapes and sizes, big eyes, beaming smiles and coiffable hair, these five new companions are perfect for playing with or for decorating a bedroom!

Plok is made from seven different fabrics, Choukette and Boubou have long, soft hair direct from Italy, Mouni has his cute little hat and Pidou is adorable in his too-short cotton T-shirt. Lots of lovely textures to explore!

All the characters come with a personalised label featuring their name and picture, along with an illustration of the whole gang!